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Powder-free nitrile textured gloves Mercator GoGRIP orange L - 50 pcs

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MERCATOR® gogrip orange - Durability and strength dedicated to specialists!

Premium nitrile gloves with unique quality are ideal for work in demanding conditions. Its unique shade is perfectly visible, which will definitely make work easier. When a firm grip counts and precision and freedom of movement is not limited, if resistance to viruses, fungi and bacteria is important to you, MERCATOR® gogrip black nitrile gloves were made for you.

The extremely flexible MERCATOR® go grips are 3 times thicker than standard gloves available on the market. Made from durable nitrile, these gloves have a modified 3D diamond texture that keeps your grip firm and stable without compromising your accuracy. The original MERCATOR® go grip structure allows you to control mobile devices without taking off your gloves. Their perfectly visible, intense, orange color makes them stand out in any environment. The important thing is that go grip orange are designed so that your hands do not sweat in them and you have full comfort of work.


Who are MERCATOR® go grip orange gloves intended for? They are recommended above all in the automotive industry during the operation of machines, construction, fuel, assembly, industrial - wherever your hands need protection from dirt and are exposed to chemical substances such as oils or fats.

Who should reach for the MERCATOR® go grip Orange?

  • Builders
  • Constructors
  • Miners
  • Workers from the chemical industry
  • Metallurgists
  • Storekeepers
  • Carpenters

The high quality and the highest level of protection is confirmed by the registration of the gloves as personal protective equipment category III, type B. We subject our gloves to extensive tests to ensure your safety and protection against fungi, bacteria, viruses and selected chemicals.

Flexibility and high tensile strength allow you to reduce the amount of worn gloves - thanks to which you take care of the environment.

Give your hands first-class protection - choose MERCATOR® go grip !


Recommended especially for:

  • paint shop,
  • Chemical industry,
  • smelter,
  • warehouse,
  • Carpentry workshops
  • Construction and assembly work - automotive, industrial, engineering and construction industry.
  • Electrical engineering, plumbing, maintenance, locksmithing and carpentry, municipal economy, technical-operational and sanitary sector.
  • Food industry,
  • Keeping clean,
  • Home craftsmen (DIY).

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