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Biological test STERIM® Ampoule for 24-hour steam sterilization

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STERIM® ampoules for the biological test contain strains of the bacteria Geobacillus stearothermopilus and a closed part of the nutrient solution. The ampoule in the paper and foil packaging is placed between the sterilized packages in the autoclave chamber. After the sterilization cycle and the addition of the medium, the bacteria are subjected to a 24-hour incubation at a temperature of 55-60°C.
After one day, the ability of the bacteria to reproduce is verified. If, despite sterilization, the number of bacteria increases (which is reflected by a change in the color of the medium), the sterilization process was performed incorrectly. Preservation of the original color of the medium confirms the effectiveness of sterilization.
In addition, the test package contains a type 1 chemical indicator, which, by changing its color, confirms that the sterilization has been carried out (however, it is not a confirmation of the effectiveness of the sterilization).

Advantages of ampoule biological tests 24h STERIM®:

- reliability of the test result,
- the possibility of incubating biological material in all available incubators.

Technical specifications:

- sterilization method to be verified: steam,
- compliance with standards: ISO 11138, EN 867-3, ANSI/AAMI ST 46:2002,
- process parameters to be verified: biocidal efficiency of a specific sterilization cycle,
- quantity per package: 100 pieces,



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