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Biological test STERIM® Ampoule for checking 10 hours of steam sterilization

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The ampoules of the test pack contain bacterial strains and medium. The biological material protected by the packaging is placed in the sterilization chamber.
After the sterilization cycle and the addition of the medium, the bacteria are incubated at a temperature of 55-60°C. Preliminary results can be detected after only 2.5 hours of incubation, and a definitive evaluation of the ability of bacteria to reproduce is possible after 10 hours. Preservation of the original color of the medium confirms the inactivation of microorganisms, ie the effectiveness of sterilization.
In addition, a chemical indicator is placed on the test package confirming the fact that sterilization has taken place.

Advantages of ampoule biological tests 10h STERIM®:

- the reliability of the test result, even in situations that require special hygienic strictness,
- short incubation time of biological material (first reading after only 2.5 h, final reading after 10 h).

Technical specifications:

- sterilization method to be verified: steam,
- compliance with standards: ISO 11138, EN 867-3, ANSI/AAMI/ISO 14161:2000,
- storage: ≤ 27 °C,
- quantity per package: 50 pieces.



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