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Emulator 6 Chemical tests for checking steam sterilization Type 6 EMS6-720 STERIM®

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The STERIM® Emulator 6 test can be used in all steam sterilizers regardless of chamber size. The indicator should be placed in the package of the package being prepared for sterilization or in the validation package. The strip can also be placed in the PCD Control device. During the sterilization process, the test substance placed on the strip should change color from pink to black.
At the end of the process, the test should be archived in the retained documentation. The adhesive layer makes it easy to insert the strip into the book.

Advantages of the STERIM® 6 chemical test emulator:

- accuracy of the test,
- ease of interpretation of the test result,
- the possibility to easily place the self-adhesive test strip in the documentation.

Technical specifications:

- sterilization method: steam,
- compliance with the standard: ISO 11140-1:2014 type 6,
- verified process parameters: presence of steam, temperature, time,
- size of the test strip: 19 x 100 mm,
- quantity per package: 250 pieces



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