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STERIM® Chemical tests for checking plasma sterilization type 4 - 500 pcs

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Type 4 plasma chemical tests are strip indicators coated with a non-toxic chemical that changes color during the plasma sterilization process.
A test strip should be inserted into each package to be sterilized. After sterilization, check whether the color of the indicator strip has changed - from pink to blue.

Advantages of STERIM® type 4 chemical tests:

- ease of use and reading of the test result,
- reliability of control of key parameters of the plasma sterilization process.

Technical specifications:

- sterilization method: plasma,
- compliance with the standard: ISO 11140-1 (type 4), EN 867-1,
- verified process parameters: concentration, temperature, time,
- size of the test strip: 16 x 100 mm,
- quantity per package: 250 pieces x 2

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