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Dosage and supplements

Dosing and supplements

Wall bracket 350ml / 500ml Wall bracket 350ml / 500ml
€4.69 without VAT
Derma LiteCheck box Derma LiteCheck box
€419 without VAT
Visirub 10ml Visirub 10ml
€6.99 without VAT
X-Wipes wall mount X-Wipes wall mount
€28.90 without VAT
Wall holder 500ml Wall holder 500ml
€10.90 without VAT
GlowCheck GlowCheck
€169 without VAT
Eurospender 1 Plus drip tray Eurospender 1 Plus drip tray
€51.90 without VAT
Disinfecting bath 3 litres Disinfecting bath 3 litres
€58.90 without VAT