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Powder-free nitrile gloves QUBE XL - 100pcs

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Premium protection, maximum comfort. Special QUBE® nitrile formulation for the best reliable protection of your hands.

Comfortable, super soft, flexible, non-powdered nitrile gloves. They are designed to protect against viruses, bacteria and fluids. For maximum safety, we recommend single use. Nitrile does not contain latex proteins causing allergic reactions and reduces hand fatigue.

Gloves can be used in healthcare , food , laboratories , the chemical industry , or even for housework . They are suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies to latex. They are characterized by high strength, but also the required softness.

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Size XL
Material Nitrile
Color Blue
Number of pieces 100



Type Not powdered, Non-sterile
Model On both sides, with rolled edge
Standards EN 455, EN 374, ASTM D6319, ASTM F1671

Standards and certificates

EN 420
EN 1041
EN 16523-1
EN ISO 374-1
EN ISO 374-5
EN ISO 374-4
EN ISO 15223-1
EN ISO 374-2
EÚ 2016/425
EÚ 2017/745
EN 455(1-4)
EN ISO 13485:2016


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