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Zetuvit E 10cm x 20cm

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High absorbency compression.

Highly bleached pulp reliably drains secretions thanks to the absorbent capacity of the absorbent core, which is made of soft cellulose flakes

The pulp layer on the outside of the product is both hydrophobic and breathable - thus preventing secretions from seeping out, allows the wound to breathe and also serves as protection against secondary infection

Supplied in both sterile and non-sterile versions

Zetuvit E is a sterile/non-sterile disposable absorbent pad made of smooth cellulose fibres covered on the reverse side with a hydrophobic non-woven fabric that is water repellent and air permeable; together surrounded by a layer of cellulose tissue to distribute secretion; the whole is encased in a non-stick and hydrophilic non-woven fabric. The reverse side is characterized by a blue thread.


EAN 4049500996082
MPN 4137714
Number of pieces 25 ks


Length 200 mm
Width 100 mm


Sterility Sterile