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Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border 15cm x 25cm

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Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border is a disposable sterile self-adhesive superabsorbent cover with a silicone interface for the long-term treatment of wounded skin, acute and chronic wounds with moderate to high levels of exudate. It is only used by adult healthcare professionals in the clinical or home care setting and can be combined with topical antiseptics and secondary dressings.

Zetuvit Plus Silicone Border is a sterile self-adhesive superabsorbent cover with a silicone interface for the treatment of moderate to high exuding, chronic and acute wounds. The silicone layer in contact with the wound allows for easy application and nearly painless, atraumatic removal. The absorbent pad absorbs and retains exudate.

Clean the wound with saline or as directed by your physician.
- Choose the appropriate dressing size for the wound, making sure the central pad extends approximately 1 to 2 cm beyond the wound edges. Do not cut through the absorbent green pad. The clear edge can be cut to fit the dressing into a concave mould, for example.
-Before applying the dressing, after rinsing the wound, use swabs to ensure that the surrounding skin is dry to ensure that the dressing adheres.
-Remove the two protective films. Apply the adherent side of the dressing to the wound with the green side facing away from the wound.
- Press the edges of the adhesive firmly and avoid creasing the edge to ensure the dressing stays securely in place.
-No further fixation is required, compression dressings may be used if indicated, as directed by the physician.
-The dressing may remain on the wound for up to 5 days depending on the condition of the wound and the established clinical protocol.
- The dressing must be changed when clinically indicated or when exudate reaches the edge of the absorbent pad.



EAN 4052199298382
MPN 4139401
Number of pieces 10 ks


Length 250 mm
Width 150 mm


Sterility Sterile